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Expressive Arts for Health

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The following feedbacks were kindly provided by our clients who attended the FRP’s Expressive Arts for Health program.

“To me painting is more forgiving than life, if I make a mistake, I can go back and paint over problem areas.”

“Art alters my perception of myself, it puts a silver lining in my life.”

“Art heals and empowers me.”

“Art therapy provides a tool to seek answers, convey thoughts and to communicate ideas and emotions.”

“My art tells a story I couldn’t tell any other way.”

“When I finish a project or a painting, I feel especially peaceful.”

“I don’t always have to think about what I’m creating or the pain I’m in.”

“My paintings allow me to see a different perspective of myself.”

“Because art gives me the same feeling of accomplishment and reward I used to feel working as an engineer, my self-esteem gets a boost.”

“Art therapy keeps my mind in the moment in a healthy positive way.”

“Art therapy has helped me to communicate emotions that I am not able to express in any other way.”