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Jeff Gilman

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The day Jeff Gilman’s world came crashing down on him, his Harley Davidson motorcycle turned out to be a lot safer than his job. Hurt while loading and unloading car parts, Jeff was left with multiple disc bulges in his back between L2 and S1, a disc tear at L4, disc degeneration in his neck from C3 to C6, and a pinched nerve at C4. Jeff also had a torn bicep tendon & muscle and humerus cysts in his shoulder.This led to back and shoulder surgeries followed by physical therapy and steroid injections, both of which did little to ease his pain.

Eventually, Jeff found himself at a crossroads. He could surrender to medications and let his chronic pain become the compelling force in his life. Or he could channel his energy into learning how to manage his pain.

“They gave me my life back” Working in a group setting with others suffering from chronic pain, Jeff dedicated himself to an extensive daily regimen of physical strengthening, movement & balance training, psychology & pain education, vocational counseling, and various wellness approaches.

Since graduating from the Functional Restoration Program, Jeff Gilman has turned his life around. No longer on medications, Jeff is back on his Harley, riding it to and from work at his new job. He has also gone back to one of his other favorite pastimes, playing golf.

Ever thankful for his FRP experience, Jeff continues to stop by the Bay Area Pain & Wellness Center to say hello and get caught up. “After all,”he says, “they gave me my life back.”

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