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Cancer Pain

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Receiving medical treatment for cancer can be a physically, emotionally and spiritually daunting task for patients and family members. The pain associated with a malignancy, as well as to some of the treatments, is often one of the more under-treated and poorly recognized problems.

The Bay Area Pain & Wellness Center is committed to providing the very best services for treating cancer pain. This may include offering our expertise in managing different types of pain medications, as well as coordinating ancillary services with home health nurses, hospitals and hospice organizations.

In some difficult cases, special interventional treatments are required due to a lack of efficacy or untoward side effects from traditional pain medicines. This may include the use of implantable spinal catheters and infusion pumps.

Whether such technologically advanced therapies are needed or not, Bay Area Pain & Wellness Center physicians, nurses and staff will remain attentive and available to the needs of the patients and loved ones. We will coordinate with your oncologists, surgeons, and nurses to provide complementary care with the rest of your team.