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Medication Monitoring

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At the Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center (BAPWC) we understand treating chronic pain is a complex and ongoing process for our patients and for this we proactively strive for the best treatment solutions.A common form of treatment for chronic pain is prescription medications, specifically opioid therapy. Over the past 10 years, the California Workers Compensation Institute (CWCI) reports opioid usage has increased 380%.

Along with the CWCI, the American Pain Society support Pain Medication Monitoring. With their support, we have integrated a Pain Medication Monitoring program here at BAPWC.

Monitoring Policy


This program is a process that measures the presence and amounts of medications in your urine and other substances that could interfere with your own care plan.

It also enables us to identify risks with your medications to reduce possible side effects and provides critical information needed to adjust your pain medication dosages.


You will be asked either on a random basis (or at certain appointments, determined by our staff) to provide a sample of your urine using a designated bathroom at our center. Our staff will interpret the results and may send the sample to an outside laboratory.


All results are confidential and remain protected as part of your patient record.

As always, we believe each person plays a key role in his / her own treatment plan. If you have any questions, please speak with one of our clinical staff at anytime